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December 8, 2018 :

For some time, I have been working on what could be my first album.

A complete album ? To be honest, I'm still thinking about it as I write these lines.

The idea would be to make 3 EP that would come out at different times and then merge them together with 2 or 3 bonuses not exploit on the mini-albums.


3 EP ? Simply because the logic would like, for an album, that the whole is united, does not form a whole, but I do not want an album where all titles are similar, or almost.


Each EP would represent a part of me: a mini-album electro / edm, a mini-album with electronic music and the return to the sources, the last would count pop songs.


3 different projects, 3 different orientations but in the end, will look like me ...

Jeremy Masy, aka Jaimy Jay, is bathing in music since his early years.


At four years old, he hears Fredericks Goldman Jones on the radio with « Un, Deux, Trois ». It’s the click : he will make music.

Registration at the Music Conservatory from Huy (Liege, Belgium) at 5 years old, learning the flute from 8 years old.


He discovered Jean-Michel Jarre at 14 and, while continuing to study the classical at the Conservatoire, he decided to compose and To move towards electronic music.


In 2011, he is contacted by a manager who worked, among others, with Willy Denzey, M. Pokora and Leslie. With him, he worked on a few projects.


2014, Jaimy composes the track "My Right Is My Life". 

This track is selected by Quentin Mosimann, Merzo and Mathieu Bouthier to appear on the first compilation SoonVibes, The Next Sound, released on September 1, 2014 in collaboration with Fun Radio.


In the course of 2015, the Gibson Brothers decided to collaborate on new projects. Thanks to them, he evolved into other musical genres and met other artists with whom other collaborations will be born.


Two singles will be born in the following years: Everything is mine (2017) and Poizon (2018). He is also preparing his first album.

2018 // Jaimy Jay Feat. Aubrey Whitfield


© Digital Room Records


Everything Is Mine

©  Spot Ultra

2014 // Soonvibes « The Next Sound »

My Right Is My Life 

©  Soonvibes

Frank Amory Feat. Jaimy Jay // 2014

 Vattene Via (EP)

©  Peter Days Music / Jaimy Jay

2018 // The Past Travellers

Funky Corporation

Jaimy Jay Remix

© Cabaret Sonic

 Frenesy // 2018


Original Version / Jaimy Jay Extended Remix

© Cabaret Sonic

2018 // Frenesy

L’Son T’Matrak

Jaimy Jay Remix

© Cabaret Sonic

 Lucky Leho // 2017


Jaimy Jay Remix / Long Version

© Rockland And Co / Lucky Leho

2017 // Nick In Time

No Control

Jaimy Jay Remix

©  Optimum Recordings

 Axel Tony Feat. Omi // 2016

Si Seulement Si

Jaimy Jay Club Remix (Promotional Only)

© Scorpio Music / Givmeall Records

2014 // The Binôme Feat. Pauline Maserati


Jaimy Jay Remix / Jaimy Jay Club Remix 

(Promotional Only)

© Media Tribu

Flavel & Neto Feat. Ana Tores  // 2013

Pedida Perfeita

Jaimy Jay Remixes (EP Remixes)

©  Jive Epic / Sony Music France

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