It's been 3 months since I published on this blog anymore. 

It's high time I started posting more often ! However, I have an excuse : « Voyager » 

Indeed, what was supposed to be an EP became an album. Between January and March, I composed 3 new songs.

Everything is composed, arranged and only the mastering remains to be done.

This album will be released in September 2021.

While waiting for this release, and as explained by video on my Facebook page, an “Expanded” edition of my EP “Contemplation Of Memories” will be released on June 4th. It will therefore include the 6 titles initially offered, the Extended versions of "Through My Mind" and "My heart Beats" as well as 5 demos.

To conclude this post, even if it's been a few years that I collaborate with them on an ad hoc basis on their projects, I will be the artistic director for the next album of ********** (I will not give you the name now of course !), an artist that I really appreciate and that I secretly hoped they would contact me about.

A little over one ago, I added a « news » section at the top of my site to be able to extend the contact between the public (you) and me, in addition to my social networks.

Until now, I had not been able to keep previous news and keep a history of my previous news.

But today, a new page opens ... A blog !

Thanks to him, I will be able to write longer but also more detailed articles on my news. And I promise… I will be more present and active !

Besides ... it makes me think that I have to tell you that « Chase the robots » is doing well on the airwaves, so much so that it was broadcast in Sébastian Kills' New Year's mix on 200 simultaneous radios !

As for my next EP « Voyager », it has gained new momentum in recent days with a 5th track in production. I didn't think that, 7 months after I « finished » it, I would be working on a new title for this album. The laws of the musical universe are sometimes impenetrable :-)

« Chase The Robots » is available !

I'm just waiting to see how things take shape for the future with this track which is one of my favorites (and yet ... it gave me a hard time !).

That doesn't prevent me from continuing to work on my other projects (I hate this word but I don't have a synonym to replace it) which are the Gibson Brothers EP, the EP with Christophe Pâris or still new compositions of which I don’t yet know their destiny.

In any case, there will be plenty of songs in 2021. More in the next issue :-)