A little over one ago, I added a « news » section at the top of my site to be able to extend the contact between the public (you) and me, in addition to my social networks.

Until now, I had not been able to keep previous news and keep a history of my previous news.

But today, a new page opens ... A blog !

Thanks to him, I will be able to write longer but also more detailed articles on my news. And I promise… I will be more present and active !

Besides ... it makes me think that I have to tell you that « Chase the robots » is doing well on the airwaves, so much so that it was broadcast in Sébastian Kills' New Year's mix on 200 simultaneous radios !

As for my next EP « Voyager », it has gained new momentum in recent days with a 5th track in production. I didn't think that, 7 months after I « finished » it, I would be working on a new title for this album. The laws of the musical universe are sometimes impenetrable :-)

« Chase The Robots » is available !

I'm just waiting to see how things take shape for the future with this track which is one of my favorites (and yet ... it gave me a hard time !).

That doesn't prevent me from continuing to work on my other projects (I hate this word but I don't have a synonym to replace it) which are the Gibson Brothers EP, the EP with Christophe Pâris or still new compositions of which I don’t yet know their destiny.

In any case, there will be plenty of songs in 2021. More in the next issue :-)