April 19, 2019 :

« The Dust » »is finally available on Beatport. It will also be available everywhere else

May 3rd.

And that's not all ! The month of May will be loaded out !!!

What events for the month of my birthday ...

A new Frenesy Remix will be available for the release of his new single but also the new single of Ysa Ferrer "Follow Me" for which I’m at the production and make some remixes.

A little over one ago, I added a «news»section at the top of my site to be able to extend the contact 

between the public (you) and me, in addition to my social networks.

Until now, I had not been able to keep previous news and keep a history of my previous news.

But today, a new page opens ... A blog !

Thanks to him, I will be able to write longer but also more detailed articles on my news. 

And I promise… I will be more present and active ! Besides ... it makes me think that I have to tell you 

that «Chase the robots»is doing well on the airwaves, so much so that it was broadcast in 

Sébastian Kills' New Year's mix on 200 simultaneous radios !

As for my next EP «Voyager», it has gained new momentum in recent days with a 5th track 

in production. I didn't think that, 7 months after I «finished» it, I would be working on a new track

 for this album. The laws of the musical universe are sometimes impenetrable :-)

Jeremy Masy, aka Jaimy Jay, is bathing in music since his early years.

At four years old, he hears Fredericks Goldman Jones on the radio with « Un, Deux, Trois ». It’s the click : he will make music.

Registration at the Music Conservatory from Huy (Liege, Belgium) at 5 years old, learning the flute from 8 years old.

He discovered Jean-Michel Jarre at 14 and, while continuing to study the classical at the Conservatoire, he decided to compose and to move towards electronic music.

In 2014, Jaimy composed the title "My Right Is My Life" and was selected by Quentin Mosimann (among others), to appear on the first compilation SoonVibes, The Next Sound, released on September 1, 2014 in collaboration with Fun Radio.

Since 2017, thanks to the complicity of his new mentor and friend Yann Cortella, Jaimy co-directs and participates in different projects for Frenesy, The Past Travelers and, independently, he produces some titles for him released as a single (Everything Is Mine, Poizon , Through My Mind, ...) but also for artists such as Ysa Ferrer. 

His project for 2020: release of his first EP entitled "Contemplation Of Memories" which will contain between 5 and 7 titles linked by his personal story.

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